Split stretcher application


When using the split stretcher, manual inline support is first applied and the cervical collar positioned.

The locking mechanisms should be inspected to ensure they are free from dirt, sand or mud in order to allow them to function correctly, and care must be taken not to pinch skin or finders in the spring-loaded mechanism.

The split stretcher can be used in one of two ways:

  • It can be completely separated by opening the locking clips at both ends and the two halves positioned around the injured person, or
  • it can be “scissored” by opening the locking clip at one end and then bringing the other two sides together at either the injured person’s head or feet, depending on how they are initially positioned.

Once in place, its straps canbe secured, the injured person’s position reassessed and, if, necessary further adjustments should occur to ensure firm immobilisation.

  • Apply Manual Inline Support and C-Collar
  • Split stretcher in half (or “scissor” from one end)
  • Position each half around injured person
  • Connect stretcher halves
  • Secure straps
  • Reassess position
  • Adjust further if necessary

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