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Established in 1987, Concussion Training is the concussion program of Nurosafe Ltd, an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention of head injuries through awareness, advocacy, education and research.

Concussion Training offers face to face and online training programs which focus on the acute management of head injuries both on and off the playing field; free resources (below) for players of all ages and worldwide academic collaborations in concussion research.

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Concussion Training is for Rugby Union, Rugby League, Australian Rules Football, Football and other high impact sports.

Who should know about Concussion Training? Physicians, Sports Trainers, Sports Team Coaches, Players and parents, Paramedics and Nurses.

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Snapshot 2019: Concussion Stats

Unreported vs Reported Concussions
1 %
Increase in Hospital Admission since 2003 for Sport-related Concussion
Donated by US NRL for Concussion Research in USA, 2015
1 /3
of All Pro Football Players Develop Concussion Symptoms

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