The information provided in the HeadSafe programme is distilled from a wealth of experience from  hands-on doctors and is dedicated to the prevention of head injuries.

Concussion is a common injury in many sports and recreational activities.

Sports like Australian football, rugby league and rugby union have amongst the highest rates of head injury of any team sports in the world with reported incidence of concussion ranging from about 3–10 concussive injuries per 1000 player hours or about five concussion injuries per team per season, regardless of the level of competition.

In sports with similar playing rules, the reported incidence of concussion is higher among females than males.

There is no routine monitoring or reporting of sport-related concussion in Australia and the incidence of sport-related concussion in Australia, especially at the population level, is unknown.

Worldwide, the “concussion epidemic” should perhaps be more accurately described as the “concussion awareness epidemic”…………..concussion in sport has occurred for many years, and its importance in the causation of short, medium and long-term disability is only now being fully realised.


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