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Welcome to the Level 1 HeadSafe course in the acute management of head injury and concussion in sport for NRL Trainers.


Information in this package is designed to assist you better manage concussion on the sideline and in your club, school or team.

This information is intended as a guide only and we would encourage you to continue to research widely in order to stay current.

This course is divided into Lessons, each of which have Topics followed by an Assessment Quiz.

You cannot move onto the next Lesson until you have completed all of the Topics in order, followed by the Assessment Quiz.

After each page, select the “Next Topic” button.

You can return to the “Previous Topic”at any time by selecting that button.


READY TO START? Select “TAKE THIS COURSE” below to create a Username and Login, and thereafter the Lesson you wish to complete (starting with “COURSE INTRODUCTION”).


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