Spineboard application


Before utilising the spineboard, manual inline support and a cervical collar should be applied.

The first responder at the head of the injured person is in charge of all movements and coordinating the team.

On the call of the person at the head, the injured person is log-rolled away from the assistants and the spineboard positioned as close to the body as possible.

The injured person is then log-rolled back into the supine (face up) position on the instructions of the first responder at the head

The four securing straps are positioned and tightened.

The position of the injured person on the stretcher should be reassessed and adjusted further if necessary

The injured person’s limbs can be tied together using belts or straps to prevent them hanging loose,  and padding should be inserted between any bony prominences and the spineboard.

  • Apply Manual Inline Support and C-Collar
  • Log-roll injured person towards helpers
  • Insert spineboard
  • Log-roll injured person flat
  • Secure straps
  • Reassess position
  • Adjust further if necessary


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