Upright stretcher application


A spineboard or split stretcher can also be utilised if the injured person is in the standing position when they first present following an injury.

Manual inline support and a cervical collar are applied either from the front or behind the injured person whilst they are standing, and the spineboard position behind them vertically.

Once the straps are secured, the spineboard is tilted down whilst manual inline support is maintained to floor level, at which stage a head immobilisation device can be applied (although it can also be applied in the upright position if there are enough personnel present experienced in its use)

Once lowered, straps canbe re-tightened, the injured person’s position reassessed and, if necessary, further adjustments should occur to ensure firm immobilisation.

Though this is not ideal, it is preferable to having an injured person lie down onto a stretcher.

  • Apply Manual Inline Support and C-Collar
  • Place stretcher behind injured person
  • Secure spineboard straps
  • Gently lower stretcher to horizontal
  • Headbed can be utilised before or after lowering
  • Reassess position
  • Adjust further if necessary

Standing2 Standing1 Standing3

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