Over 100 NRL and NSWRL Trainers now HeadSafe!!

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NRL trainers Headsafe

Over two weeks in February 2016, in excess of 100 NRL and NSWRL Trainers (the Orange, Yellow and Blue-shirted sports trainers who run onto the field to assess and manage players) have completed the NRL Headsafe course.

Run in conjunction with Sports Medicine Australia,(SMA), this course ensures that these first-responders understand the latest in concussion assessment, management and prevention as part of the annual training for the “team behind the team” looking after the game’s top players.

The trainers showed a high degree of practical, “hand-on” knowledge and enthusiastically embraced new information updates regarding NRL policy and reporting forms.

Doctors, physios, referees, coaches and administrators are also targeted by the Headsafe Course, which is available online at www.concussion.training/training

The NRL Chief Medical Officer Paul Bloomfield, ARL National Education, Training & Research Manager Brad Levy and ARL National Sports Trainer Coordinator Geoff Todd are to be commended for their support of this important initiative.

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