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Will Smith Omalu 3

Wednesday 17th February at Bondi Event Cinema Headsafe was delighted to present a special preview screening of the acclaimed Will Smith film,  “CONCUSSION”.

There seemed to be unanimous acclaim for the film and support for our work in terms for raising awareness and undertaking ongoing advocacy, research and education.

It was gratifying to see such a diverse audience, including players, supporters, parents, administrators and sports health professionals.

After the movie there was the opportunity for Q&A with past and present players including Adrian Lam, Ian Roberts, Owen Finegan, Morgan Turinui, Sam Figg, Steven Hoiles, Andrew Ryan and Mark Carroll.

SBS news featured a story on their nightly program, and nearly $7,000 was raised on the night from in excess of 150 who attended and many more who donated to the organisation and its cause.

If you’d like to know more, please go to www.concussion.training and to support our charity please become a member at  www.necksafe.com.au/becomeamember/


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