Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT5)

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The SCAT5 is a standardized tool for evaluating concussions designed for use by physicians and licensed healthcare professionals. It was created by the International Concussion In Sports Group (CISG) and ratified at the 5th International Conference of Concussion in Sport in 2016. The SCAT5 cannot be performed correctly in less than 10 minutes but should not take more than 20 in experienced hands.

There is a good SCAT demonstration video here if you are interested:

• Any athlete with suspected concussion should be REMOVED FROM PLAY, medically assessed and monitored for deterioration. No athlete diagnosed with concussion should be returned to play on the day of injury.

• If an athlete is suspected of having a concussion and medical personnel are not immediately available, the athlete should be referred to a medical facility for urgent assessment.

• Athletes with suspected concussion should not drink alcohol, use recreational drugs and should not drive a motor vehicle until cleared to do so by a medical professional.

• Concussion signs and symptoms evolve over time and it is important to consider repeat evaluation in the assessment of concussion.

• The diagnosis of a concussion is a clinical judgment, made by a medical professional. The SCAT5 should NOT be used by itself to make, or exclude, the diagnosis of concussion. An athlete may have a concussion even if their SCAT5 is “normal”.

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