Motor vehicle accidents


Motor vehicle accidents of all kinds are the most common cause of spinal cord injury.

Referring back to the basic laws of physics, the higher the speed and the heavier the motor vehicle, the greater the force at the time of impact.

For this reason, head-on accidents are far more severe than those which involve impact with stationary objects.

Similarly, high-speed motor vehicle accidents produce greater forces and increase the potential for all major injuries, including spinal injury.


But it’s not only motor vehicles that cause spinal cord injury.

Motorbikes, Quad bikes and other motorised and mechanised pieces of equipment can also be at fault.

On many of these, the protection afforded by a rigid body shell of a car or truck is not present, and therefore the individual involved in the accident is far more likely to have a serious impact without the protection of the vehicle itself and its in-built safety equipment.


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