Headbed application


These devices comprise a base-plate which is at affixed to the stretcher after sliding underneath the injured person’s head and securing the straps on either side to the stretcher.

Two head blocks are then positioned carefully on either side of the injured person’s head, in a coordinated movement with one first responder providing manual inline support at all times.

The chin and head straps are then placed in position and securedusing Velcro tabseither directly across the forehead and chin area or crisscrossed, depending on the anatomy of the injured person.

In the absence of any of these pieces of equipment, ad hoc arrangements utilising rolled towels, intravenous fluid bags and elastic adhesive tape can be utilised.

  • Apply Manual Inline Support and C-Collar
  • Slip Headbed baseplate under head
  • Secure Headbed baseplate
  • Place side-blocks
  • Re-place hands outside of side-blocks
  • Secure straps
  • Adjust further if necessary


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